Sunday, August 10, 2008


I woke up on friday to hear the drum of war. Designed to coincide with the beginning of olympic, it was a well thought out strategy. As the man that started the war puts it: "We chose the time of the offensive to coincide with the olympic opening ceremony and summer holiday because we know that most of the decision makers will be on holiday or olympic opening ceremony".

Wondering who thinks that way, I discovered that there is only one culprit, USA. USA has sent some 1000 military personell to Georgia some 1month before the invasion with Condolisa Rice guaranteeing US support for invasion of the defenseless 70000 people in South Ossetia. Unfortunately, it was the most reckless decision you can make at Russian doorstep.

Knowingfully well that US has a special interest in that strait and with the continual enchroachment by NATO and EU trying to surround Russia with military arsenal, the Moscow has being waiting to show that as much as they are not interested in any international conflict, nothing will stop them from decisively dealing with any country that mess up at there doorstep. Unfortunately Georgia is the US pawn this time.

Having entered into treaty with South Ossetia & Abkhazia with Russia insuring that any deviation from the agreement will be dealt with decisively, but US stoog that leads Georgia, President Mikhail Saakashvili, didn't appreciate the might and seriousness of Moscow on the issue. Couple with the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo, and consequent massive approval by the US, EU and all of their allies, Moscow & China made it clear that the west is breaking the primary tenet of UN agreement on sovereignity. The simple explanation given by the supporter of Kosovo's independence is that the case is unique and it is going to happen this once. Unfortunately, precedence is an important part of law and UN is as strong as the precedence and history that it holds.

On 080808, when Georgia started bombarding South Ossetia capital Tskhivali, Moscow quickly convey an emergency UN meeting to force Georgia to withdraw but US blocked the bill hoping they can buy time for Georgia and achieve their ultimate aim of controlling all critical north atlantic oil pipeline route, one thing that Russia knows. But the reckless stoog that leads innocent people of Georgia proceeded with his ambition and invaded South Ossetia despite the warning from Russia.

For what it worths, Russia decided to show the whole world that United Nation and it's security council is nothing more than assembly of bullies with their interest. They decided to deal with Georgia decisively in such a manner that if they hear war, they will say never. As much as it is painful that the innocent people are dying, I believe we are already moving close to fulfilment of the prophecy of Boutros Boutros-Ghali (former UN Sec Gen) that "Very soon UN will split up and a new world order will take over".

I can't wait to see this prophesy coming to fulfilment ASAP cos we cannot continue to have the Western & Eastern Imperials dominating and committing attrocities hoping that no one can check them. I hope it's not just in my dreams....

And to the Georgians, I can't wait to see you kick out that beast of a president for somebody that care for your life.